Plenary talks

1. Plenary talk 1: Sara Tolbert
Title: Science education as a social movement
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2. Plenary talk 2: Heba El-Deghaidy
Title: STE2AM and Social Responsibility in Higher Education
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3. Plenary talk 3: Tan Aik Ling
Title: Accessibility of STEM for teachers: What is at stake?
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4. Plenary talk 4: Rosa Katermari
Title: Who’s the negationist now? A decolonial perspective to the
post-truth debate in STEM education
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5. Plenary talk 5: Susan Jurow
Title: Using STEM to Center Community Desires
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6. Plenary talk 6: Louise Archer
Title: Supporting Equity and Inclusion in STEM
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7. Plenary talk 7: Senthil Babu
Title: Mathematical Experience and Alienation: Towards social histories
of Practice
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