Conference Schedule

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Time Day 1: Monday, 4 July 2022
10.00AM-10.30AM Welcome by Centre Director, HBCSE
About epiSTEME 9: Our philosophy
Arnab Bhattacharya, Ayush Gupta & Deepa Chari
10.30AM-11.30AM Plenary talk 1: Sara Tolbert
Title: Science education as a social movement
Chair: Aswathy Raveendran
11.30AM-11.45AM Break (15 minutes)
11.45AM- 01.30PM Oral Presentation Session: Strand 4
Research to practice in disciplinary and interdisciplinary spaces
Chair: Anisha Malhotra-Dalvi
11.45AM-12.00NOON A model for the integration of pedagogic content knowledge in teacher training programmes
Serah Suman Potharay & Umakanth Dammalapati
12.00NOON-12.15PM Enriching micro-teaching skills with tspck framework in pre-service teacher education
Narendra Deshmukh & Eunice Nyamupangedengu
12.15PM-12.30PM Teachers’ knowledge of students’ thinking inferred from lesson plans in lesson study
Shikha Takker, Lisnet Mwadzaangati, Jill Adler & Craig Pournara
12.30PM-12.45PM Numeric equations: a key step in solving the equation problem
Craig Pournara & Shikha Takker
12.45PM-01.00PM Steam education for school teachers in Nepal
Indra Mani Shrestha, Bal Chandra Luitel, Binod Parsad Pant, Niroj Dahal & Netra Kumar Manadhar
01.00PM-01.15PM Effectiveness of Experiential Learning for the Topic of Length Measurements in Grade 6
Anusha Bhat & Prathik Cherian J
01.15PM-01.30PM Closing Remarks by Chair
Break (2.30 hours)
04.15PM-05.40PM Workshop by Prajval Shastri & Chayanika Shah
Title: Intersectionality
Moderator: Deepika Bansal
05.40PM-05.45PM Break (5 minutes)
05.45PM-06.45PM Plenary talk 2: Heba El-Deghaidy
Title: STE2AM and Social Responsibility in Higher Education
Chair: Aniket Sule
06.45PM-06.50PM Closing Remarks by Chair

Time Day 2: Tuesday, 5 July 2022
10.00AM-11.40AM Oral presentation session: Strand 2
Cognitive and affective studies in STEM education
Chair:Reema Mani
10.00AM-10.15AM Cultivating the epistemic climate of large enrollment introductory biology class with the use of the Five Core Concepts of Biology
Kyriaki Chatzikyriakidou & Melissa McCartney
10.15AM-10.30AM The possible missing ingredients in engineering higher education –mastering self, agency to shift disempowering norms and socialization and mastering technical skills
Arun Arul Selvam, Sri Bhavani Arul, Narmadha Anandavelu, Santhosh Kathiresan, Sivaraman Ramamoorthy & Sanjeev Ranganathan
10.30AM-10.45AM Biology Teachers’ Planned Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Respiration: A case of a Zambian Secondary School
Thumah Mapulanga, Gilbert Nshogoza & Yaw Ameyaw
10.45AM-11.00AM Exploring status of science education in Indian rural classroom: a study of eastern districts of uttar pradesh
Kajal & Sunita Singh
11.00AM-11.15AM Classroom challenges before schools in the tribal regions
Asmita Redij & Aniket Sule
11.15AM-11.30AM Understanding the process of memetic reasoning in graduate students during Covid-19 - if you know what we meme!
Anveshna Srivastava & Chandan Dasgupta
11.30AM-11.40AM Closing Remarks by Chair
Break (20 minutes)
12.00NOON-01.00PM Plenary talk 3: Tan Aik Ling
Title: Accessibility of STEM for teachers: What is at stake?
Chair:Mashood KK
Break (3 hours)
04.00PM-05.20PM Poster presentation session: Strand 3
Pedagogy, Curriculum and local context in STEM education
Chair:Anveshna Srivastava
04.00PM-04.10PM Examining the effects of teachers’ self-efficacy in teaching astrophysics using video-based multimedia
Gabriel Janvier Tugirinshuti, Leon Rugema Mugabo & Alexis Banuza
04.10PM-04.20PM Study of damped oscillatory motion of spring-mass system using video analysis technique
Rajesh Bm, Shubha S, Avadhani Dn, Satish Bm & Madhura Tk.
04.20PM-04.30PM Learning With Algodoo: Simulation Building as a Pedagogic Tool
Prathik Cherian J
04.30PM-04.40PM Intergation of steam in chemistry classroom
Puneeta Malhotra
04.40PM-04.50PM Mathematics for All and Everyone's Mathematics
Pradnya Kadam
04.50PM-05.00PM Game-based learning to raise awareness about water sustainability
Parth Dhond & Anisha Malhotra-Dalvi
05.00 PM-05.20PM Q&A + Closing Remarks by Chair
05.45PM-06.45PM Plenary talk 4: Rosa Katermari
Title: Who’s the negationist now? A decolonial perspective to the post-truth debate in STEM education
Chair: Ayush Gupta
06.45PM-06.50PM Closing Remarks by Chair

Time Day 3: Wednesday, 6 July 2022
No morning/afternoon sessions
05.30PM-07.10PM Oral presentation session: Strand 2& 3 (mixed)
Pedagogy, Curriculum and local context in STEM education & Cognitive and affective studies of STEM education
Chair:Shamin Padalkar
05.30PM-05.45PM A call for mobilizing mathematics education towards gender equality in India
Mahati Kopparla
05.45PM-06.00PM The nature of steam education curriculum in Nepal
Netra Kumar Manandhar, Bal Chandra Luitel, Binod Prasad Pant, Indra Mani Shrestha & Niroj Dahal
06.00PM-06.15PM Developing Informal Inferential Reasoning: Evidence from Tribal Area of Palghar District
Mitali Thatte & Nilesh Nimkar
06.15.PM-06.30PM Exploring the scope for using data science in the teaching and learning of mathematics: an action research among secondary school students
Jasneet Kaur
06.30PM-06.45PM Affective draw: gamified mathematics activities for improved maths learning, attitudes, and interdisciplinary transfer
Amèya Kolārkar
06.45PM-07.00PM Use of analogies for class 6 students to classify plants: verbal analogies versus activity-based analogies
Kruthika Bs & Pratistha Agarwal
07.00PM-07.10PM Closing Remarks by Chair
Break (20 minutes)
07.30PM-08.30PM Plenary talk 5: Susan Jurow
Using STEM to Center Community Desires
Chair:Ankush Gupta

Time Day 4: Thursday, 7 July 2022
10.00AM-11.25AM Oral presentation session: Strand 1
History/Philosophy/Ethics of STEM – implication for education
Chair:Jayasree Subramanian
10.00AM-10.15AM Artistic ways of knowing reinforcing interdisciplinary science learning
Dave Del Gobbo, Sheliza Ibrahim, Sarah El Halwany, Majd Zouda, Nurul Hassan, Mirjan Krstovic, Larry Bencze, Gonzalo Guerrero & Nicole Kofman
10.15AM-10.30AM Regional disparities in educational opportunities in Kerala
Muhammed Kutty P V, Ahmed Ashraf Z A, Fajrul Ihsan P V & Hashim N K
10.30.AM-10.45AM Towards an evidence informed policy-making model: design and implementation of a teacher professional development program
Arjun Prasad, Sanjay Chandrasekharan, Sreejith Alathur & K K Mashood
10.45AM-11.00AM The vulgar and the pristine: exploring the barriers in using the vernacular while talking about sexuality in biology classrooms.
Panchami Jose
11.00AM-11.15AM Promoting critical mathematical literacy
Nadia Kennedy
11.15AM-11.25AM Closing Remarks by Chair
Break (15 minutes)
11.40AM-12.40PM Poster presentation session: Strand 4
Research to practice in disciplinary and interdisciplinary spaces
Chair:Mahima Chhabra
11.40AM-11.50AM Climate Change in Environmental education in Middle-schools over West Bengal: status and perception evaluation
Arindam Roy
11.50AM-12.00NOON Reshaping makerspaces to learn frontier making practices
Geetanjali Date, Ravi Sinha & Sanjay Chandrasekharan
12.00NOON-12.10PM Experiencing covid-19 pandemic from the lens of realistic mathematics education (RME)
Kumar Gandharv Mishra
12.10PM-12.20PM High school student’s participation in scientific investigations: its impact on their competencies and attitude towards science
Venkata Krishna Bayineni
12.20PM - 12.40PM Q&A Closing Remarks by Chair
Break (2 hours 50 minutes)
03.30PM-04.30PM Plenary talk 6: Louise Archer
Supporting Equity and Inclusion in STEM
Chair:Jayasree Subramanian
Break (1.30 hours)
06.00PM-07.20PM Poster presentation session: Strand 3
Pedagogy, Curriculum and local context in STEM education
Chair:Charudatta Navre
06.00PM-06.10PM Teachers' belief and practices related to using stories as science pedagogy
Punam Medh & Shamin Padalkar
06.10PM-06.20PM Identifying gaps in students’ understanding of algebraic identities: Tools from Indic Knowledge Systems
Vinay Nair
06.20PM-06.30PM Anandi: using print media to reach the unreached during the pandemic and beyond
Asmita Redij, Arnab Bhattacharya, Megha Chougule, Vikrant Ghanekar, Suravi Kalita, Sarita Kamat, Vijay Lale, Shweta Naik, Vikram Patil, Harita Raval, Pritesh Ranadive, Uzma Shaikh, Sai Shetye & Aniket Sule
06.30PM-06.40PM An exploration of professional noticing and PCK (Pedagogical Content Knowledge) among teacher educators from low resource countries
Anirudh Agarwal, Arushi Bansal & Ruchi Kumar
06.40PM-06.50PM Fluency in single-digit addition and related subtraction facts among indian students
Praveena Katragadda & Maulik Shah
6.50PM-7:00PM Response of an optics lab in pandemic
Mahima Chhabra & Ritwick Das
07:00PM-07.20PM Q&A Closing Remarks by Chair

Time Day 5: Friday, 8 July 2022
10.00AM-11.00AM Plenary talk 7: Senthil Babu
Title: Mathematical Experience and Alienation: Towards social histories of Practice
Chair: Shweta Naik
Break (20 minutes)
11.20AM-12.30PM Poster presentation session: Strand 1, 2, 3 & 4 (mixed)
History/Philosophy/Ethics of STEM – implication for education, Cognitive and affective studies of STEM education, Pedagogy, Curriculum and local context in STEM education & Research to practice in disciplinary and interdisciplinary spaces.
Chair:Sarita Kamat
11.20AM-11.30AM Integration of public health and proportional reasoning-a demand of time
Debasmita Basu
11.30AM-11.40AM Experiential learning in school mathematics: transforming theory into practice
Tarun Tyagi
11.40AM-11.50AM A preliminary study: beating the barrier of language in science teaching for underprivileged students
Anamika Sharma, Subhadip Senapati & Athavan Alias Anand
11.50AM-12.00NOON Socioscientific Issues and Science Education
Vishal Kumar & Sanjiv Kumar Choudhary
12.00NOON-12.10PM Mereology For STEAM and Education Research
Mani A
12.10PM-12.30PM Q&A Closing Remarks by Chair
12.30PM-01.00 PM Feedback & concluding remarks by epiSTEME 9 Convenors
Deepa Chari, Ayush Gupta, and epiSTEME 9 participants