Guidelines for virtual poster presentation

(Dates: 4-8 July, 2022)

  1. Preparation and submission of poster
    • EpiSTEMe 9 is a fully online conference. We are accepting only electronic posters for poster presentation session. Photographs of existing posters or any other form of printed material (paper copies, cloth print etc.) are NOT considered.
    • How/where to submit: Your final poster should be submitted by email at before 10 PM Thursday, 30 June 2022. Please include the subject line “epiSTEME 9 poster submission” when you make this submission via email. Please refrain yourself from sending multiple copies/ revisions to the conference organizers. Send an email only when you think the poster is finally ready before 10 PM Thursday 30 June, 2022.
    • Submission format: Your submission should be a PDF file. Your poster is essentially a set 6 slides finally converted it to a single PDF (i.e a 6 page PDF document).
      • It is mandatory to display the following on slide 1
        • epiSTEME 9 submission no XXXX (at the left corner)
        • Title of your Poster (same as the proceeding),
        • Name(s) of the Author(s) & affiliation(s)
          (Use a minimum of size 18 Bold, Font type is flexible.)
      • The remaining space can be filled with poster content.
      • Please include “page no” at the end of each slide
    • The poster submission file name should be in the format “epiSTEME 9 poster_XX.pdf”. This number is same as the submission no. you must have received during easychair submission of corresponding proceeding paper. (If you can’t find it, visit the easy chair page, login and it will be first left column in the submission information table. The poster corresponding to # 32 paper can be named as “epiSTEME 9 poster_32”.
    • Please note that posters will NOT be published in the conference proceeding book and are displayed only in the “poster gallery” on epiSTEME 9 website during the conference period.
    • Some notional guidelines:
      • Please use large enough font size so that the text is easily readable on screen without zooming in. Font size of <14 should be avoided.
      • Leave enough margins and do not use the entire page length to fit in extra text. Avoid reproducing lengthy paper draft as a poster. Be sensitive to the audience who may not want to read your proceeding paper during your poster session and want to get a glimpse of your work.
      • Do not use any video or animation as only static PDF will be displayed during the poster presentations.
  1. During the conference
    • As the number of posters are higher this year, we may have 2 or 3 non-overlapping poster sessions. Identify which session your poster is included once the conference schedule is available on website.
    • At the time of poster presentation session, each participant will be given 10 minutes (8 min for poster presentation +2 min Question) to present the poster. Please prepare to convey the core messege in 8 minutes.
    • There will be an additional “Question and Answer” session at the end of each poster session where audience can pose questions to individual presenter/group.

If you have additional questions about the poster submission or presentation, please write to us at

Download the poster guidelines in PDF format